Cordyline Pink Passion....The story so far....

Cordyline Pink Passion .... The Story so far ....


This has been the most successful new introduction in the UK for several years and it has been developed here !!


Back in 2001 Neil discovered a pink variegated sport on Cordyline Red Star, this plant was kept and was initiated in a tissue lab in Europe. A year later we saw the same sport had been selected in Myerscough College where the original Red Star had come from, it soon became clear it was identical so it was agreed that we moved forward together.


2003 : Genesis Plant Marketing are appointed as agents to manage worldwide marketing and PVR applications.


2004 : The initiated cultures were moved to Gentech in Scotland, who have been instrumental in the success of the production.


2005 : Trial plants were sent out to 6 premier plant finishers at various locations around the UK for assessment.


2006 : The First 1,000 plants were sold to Plantes Du Monde in France to kick start European Marketing. The first cultures were sent to tissue labs in Israel and Thailand to start supply chains for the USA and Australia.


2007 : The first liners were supplied to Darby Nurseries, who have led the UK sales. Seiont ship the first 10,000 plants to Pacific Plug and Liner in the USA.


2008 : Our first full production of 30,000 plants is distributed to a wider UK customer base.


2009 : Pink Passion achieves best new plant and best new overall product at the Four Oaks Trade Show.


2010 : 50,000 Plants Sold in the UK, Pink Passion becomes Australia’s Plant for Breast Cancer awareness.


2015 : Pink Passion continues to be the most popular and sought after of all Pink varieties. Production is increasing to meet demand


For more information check out Neil's blog posting on Horticulture Week

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