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At Seiont, we are truly market led in what we grow and our range reflects this !!

For many years Heucheras and x - Heucherellas have dominated our new introductions program. From Plum Pudding to Morello they have all been incredibly popular to plant buyers.

They look good nearly all year round so have the ability to brighten up and plant sales area, we always have the newest introductions available but only after a minimum of 1 years testing !! We offer these as plugs and liners with good availability year round.

Hardy Ferns have had a strong presence in our range for over 15 years now. We are one of the UK's largest suppliers of 9cm plants and are currently producing over 75,000 per year. The range is dominated by traditional hardy varieties; many are native to northern Europe. We are now working with 2 fern breeder / producers to develop some novel varieties.....The first of these have appeared in our 2015 catalogue.

Phormiums - our climate here in North West Wales is perfect for Phormium production. We currently grow over 120,000 per year including 3 of our own varieties. Our main production cycle is 2 years !!

Every April, we bring in young material from New Zealand. These "Pups" are grown for 12 months then are carefully divided. The divisions are then grown for a further 12 months in their 9cm pot before becoming ready for sale. This long cycle ensures the best quality plants are produced and make them a quick and easy product to finish.

Grasses - Still a very popular line for UK growers.

Our range is dominated by quick easy varieties, which always sell well. We do also offer some more special varieties; which add a touch of class to any range !!

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