Heuchera Seasonal Selection


The Heuchera “Seasonal Selection”- Is a range of 6 varieties that have been bred and developed in The UK using many older varieties and colour breaks to make varieties which are better suited to UK growing conditions and Gardens.

We have carefully selected these varieties from hundreds of crosses to give a balanced range of sturdy, compact plants with “lots of leaves per pot”

The seasonal Selection theme and Variety naming was the brainchild of propagation Manager Kate Mortimer as Heucheras offer multi season interest and sales potential. We will be developing more to go with this range in the future.

We will have full availability of plugs and liners for Spring 2015


Heuchera Autumn Glow


Rich Orange foliage which is slightly ruffled turns to a yellow/Orange as the leaves mature.

Small Coral pink flowers


Heuchera Bright & Breezy


Strong compact mid-green foliage which is heavily ruffled.

Small white flowers


Heuchera Dark Storm


Large darkest purple foliage, ruffled with a compact habit

White Flowers


Heuchera September Morn


Rich yellow/orange foliage, with a very compact habit

Small coral pink flowers


Heuchera Sunrise


Large Orange foliage which fades to a rich yellow/orange

Small White Flowers


Heuchera Winter Joy


Strong, bright yellow foliage which is scorch resistant. A good compact habit and a strong constitution!

Small white flowers