Fuchsia Silver Lining


This is a silvery leafed selection from a seed collection made by Bleddyn and Sue Wyn Jones. It was gathered from Cordillera de Talamanca, Costa Rica at 2800m in 2004.


Where the shrubs only formed small congested bushes with tiny elliptic sometimes silvery leaves only 1.5cm long, with at that time rounded glossy black fruit in the leaf axils with still a few of the slender pink tubular flowers on the ends of the arching branches. Best grown with protection from frost in moisture retentive compost in sun or part shade, prune hard in spring.


Although it is possibly not totally winter hardy we believe as it is from a moderately high altitude there could well be some hardiness built into the genes.


Liners will be available from Mid Summer 2012-order now to avoid disappointment.