Ophiopogon Black Beard


Steve Yandall of Rainbows End Nursery, who is, or should be, well known as the breeder of Berberis Starburst and more recently Lophomyrtus Black Pearl, has come up with a corker !!


It's quicker, bigger and faster than all the rest. Steve has reported foliage on mature plants to be around 55cm long.


Dark coloured Ophiopogon, have been consistently good sellers for many years, but they are so slow in production, whether they are from divisions or tissue culture.


We have always found the straight Ophiopogon nigrescens the slowest, often needing 2 seasons to make a saleable liner.

The first Liners will be available from July this year for nurseries to finish. I am certain this will be a total success, The EU royalty is set at 18p per plant, and justified it is too when this plant will spend a lot less time on the nursery gathering costs !!


We have good availability of strong liners for immediate delivery.

Black Beard was shortlisted for best new plant at Chelsea, where it was on display on Peter Seabrook's Sun Garden; I think this is quite remarkable considering all the flowering varieties it is up against.


For more information, check out Neil's blog post on Horticulture Week.