Sambucus Black Tower


This Variety comes from the same stable as the well known and successful "Black Beauty" and "Black Lace" and was a cross made in the same period. Only 2 varieties were selected by the joint HDC and trade working party for commercialisation, the rest were due to be cut down and destroyed...nearly the end of the story !!


Fortunately, we were able to obtain a few cuttings of this 1 remaining seedling, which were of a strong fastigiate. After 3 years of trials, hard winters, hot summers and production trials by Seiont and ALP members and also in Gallicia, Northern Spain, "Black Tower" was selected.


Everyone is surprised that "Black Tower" is so flexible in production. Liners can be manipulated to have just a single pinch to produce a full 3 litre product. Left untrimmed it will make a perfect column.


Outdoor colour is superb, deepest black/green glossy foliage on stiff upright stems and the plant is furnished to the base. Flower buds are a bit smaller than the form and open to flat panicles which are more pink than white with a good number of flowing points at a young age.


To date "Black Tower" is completely disease free.


A full liner offer is being prepared by Seiont and ALP members for Spring 2011.


We were pleased with the strong response from the trade at the first National Plant Show back in late June where the Judges awarded a Bronze, but interestingly the visitors, who are the potential customers, voted it as the best new plant in its category.


Royalty Rates will be comparable to "Black Beauty" and "Black Lace"

Intellectual Property Rights will be applied for in 2010.