Seiont Nurseries & Van Vliet New Plants


Over the past 5 years we at Seiont Nurseries have increased our sales of young hardy nursery stock liners considerably. Most of the increase has been in quality new plant varieties, which are the lifeblood of our industry and for which we are well known for.


For 10 years a good part of our range has consisted of varieties from across the globe, managed by Van Vliet New Plants. Sales of these items have developed to a point where both companies have agreed to work closer on their development.


As of 7th December 2011 Seiont have been responsible for the ongoing development of the existing Van Vliet portfolio of plants and also any future additions to the range.

It will be our aim to create and maintain a tight network of propagation nurseries to supply the appropriate UK retail plant supply chains with the new products, which are in demand and are British grown.


All the main administration remains with the Van Vliet office in The Netherlands; we at Seiont will be issuing sub-licence agreements, but apart from that, as always, it will be the plants themselves that will be our main focus.


It will not only be our remit, but our responsibility to introduce and co-ordinate the propagation and production of these varieties with the best possible growers for these crops, we therefore will not be seeking any commercial advantage by keeping them to ourselves, in fact we may not necessarily be stocking commercial quantities of all the range ourselves. We will only grow what we are good at !!

Van Vliet Range :

Van Vliet Range
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Van Vliet Range
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