Seiont Nurseries deliver weekly across the UK & Europe.


We offer free delivery to the UK mainland on full trolley orders. 


We use Danish trolleys and can fit roughly 28 trays of shrubs/perennials or 24 trays of tall grasses onto one trolley.


Here at Seiont, we believe that small businesses should be given the same opportunity as the big ones.


So there is no minimum order !


If you do not manage to fill a trolley, you only pay for the empty space.


For example: If you fill 75% of a trolley, you only pay for the remaining 25% of empty space.  It currently (2021) costs us £66 to send out a trolley so your delivery charge would be £66 x 25% =  £16.50. 





Tray sizes

Our liners come in 9cm pots in trays of 20.


Our plugs come in trays of either 54 (4cm) or 104 (3.5cm 


We can fit 40 trays of plugs onto one Danish trolley.


Of course you can mix plug and liner trays in one delivery.


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